About Us

About Us

Awaken Your Soul was born from a magnetic pull to spread the healing of the magical spirit of this sacred medicine. Our work with medicinal plants, specifically Iboga, helped us save our own lives on many levels. It has uncovered undeniable beauty, personal truths, and truths within the human condition that we feel committed to sharing. This is part of our life’s work.

Iboga is an incredibly powerful tool for healing all aspects of our lives. It is more powerful than we can sometimes even believe. One week with the Iboga medicine can truly transform a person, we see over and over and over again. It is our mission to impact change in the world through holding an impeccable space. In this space people can connect to their own innate power and begin to create the life they deserve.

Our retreats offer a warm and nurturing approach for those seeking clarity from the medicine, helping them feel safe and comfortable to explore their deepest truths. These retreats are not a “vacation” but rather a departure from an old, stale and often uncomfortable way of being. This time offers our guests the opportunity to experience an elevated state of consciousness combined with healing foods and an open environment for people to feel greatly supported to explore themselves in the deepest way possible.

We hold retreats in partnership with The Iboga Wellness Center in Costa Rica as well as facilitate independent group retreats around the world. These retreats are open to all, please contact us for more information. We hold immense love and gratitude for this medicine, and for the people we work with who seek a higher truth inside themselves.

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