Single Cooking Classes & 4-Week Culinary Courses

Available virtually worldwide!

Eating well has a powerful effect on how we feel physically, mentally emotionally & spiritually. If you have been to one of our retreats you know how great you feel after a week of eating our vibrant food! We highly encourage continuing eating well as vital part of your integration process. Often we don’t have the experience to nourish ourselves the way we would like so we are here to help!

Our custom virtual cooking classes are an exciting and delicious way to either begin your journey in the kitchen or to refine and inspire experience that you already have. These classes also include education about ingredients and health tips that can inform you on how to make better decisions when you are out in the world.

We offer single customized individual cooking classes or 4-week customized culinary courses designed to cater to your specific needs and palate. No matter which one is right for you, we will teach you how to add more high-quality nutrients to your meals, implement inspired and lasting changes to your diet, and make plants the best thing on your plate. We promise that these classes will help support your integration journey!


What to expect from our private cooking classes and courses:

  • Hands on classes held virtually in your kitchen giving you the opportunity to learn in in the environment that you cook in the most
  • Great for accelerated learning in a more intimate setting for 1 – 2 participants
  • Participants will learn various cooking methods as well as options and ideas about how to use the same recipe in multiple ways, exchanging veggies and spices for a new take on the same technique

Individual Cooking Classes

  • Choose from over 50 recipes to create your custom class
  • Plant-based, paleo, gluten-free & dairy-free options
  • Learn 4 recipes in a 2-3 hour timeframe
  • Taught in your kitchen in the environment you cook in the most
  • Price $195 for up to two people

4-Week Customized Cooking Courses

    • Three hours of instruction each week for 4 weeks building a strong foundation for your experience
    • Each class focuses on one category, choose four: Salads, Dips & Sauces, Side Dishes, Main Course, Breakfast, Desserts, Misc
    • Customize each class by choosing 4 – 5 recipes within each category
    • Price $700 (a savings of $80!)