How to Prepare for Your Retreat

Prepare for Awaken Your Soul Retreat

Like any trip, there are ways in which you need to prepare. For this Iboga experience it is more than just packing the right clothing as this is a departure from an old way of living! Please see this article on how to prepare mentally and emotionally and then read below for the logistical preparation.

What to prepare for your Iboga Retreat:

  • EKG (**unless you are getting with our doctor here**)
  • Cash for misc expenses (see below)
  • Personal items (see below)


The temperature in this part of Costa Rica all year around is between 68 degrees – 85 degrees.

***Between June – November its rainy season so if you come in these months bring a light rain jacket and comfy slip on rain shoes (like crocs). We ask that all shoes be removed before entering houses and temple so keep this in mind. During this season it typically rains for some hours in the afternoon, on occasion in the morning.

BASIC things to include in your packing:

  • Spiritual shower clothes – light clothing to be thrown away after your shower in the river
    Example: boxers/shorts/bathing suit//tank top. The more skin that can be washed the better but whatever you are comfortable in.
  • Comfortable eye mask for the ceremony
  • Personal care products such as soap, shampoo, toothbrush, razors etc
  • Bug spray (natural please)
  • Water bottle (also available for purchase in our store)
  • Bathing suit/shorts/tee-shirts/comfortable walking shoes/sun hat
  • Sweatshirt/light jacket (can get a little chilly especially in the rainy season (June-Nov)
  • Long comfy pants/long shirts for evenings and ceremonies. Maybe two of each
  • Sandals/flip flops (no shoes in common areas/houses/rooms so easy to take on and off)
  • Walking/hiking shoes
  • A journal/notebook & pen
  • Spending money for additional items (see below)
  • NO ATM machine nearby
  • If you have a retreat balance, please bring in cash with you

Price List to Calculate (everything is optional except for EKG & COVID based on where you are traveling)

  • Massages $80 (includes handmade herbal oils, aromatherapy, sound bath healing)
  • Other spa services $75-$80 each (organic coffee/sugar exfoliation, facials, soothing skin wraps
  • Energy Clearing, Individual Sound Healing, Tarot Reading, etc ($120-$150 depending on practitioner)
  • EKG $100 (you will not need if you received yours in your home country. You will pay $30 for our doctor to read the one you bring)
  • Cash for retreat balance if you have one

If you haven’t already, please be sure to forward us your travel itinerary via email as we will arrange for transportation from SJO (Juan Santamaria Airport in San Jose)

If customs ask your destination; tell them you are going to a “yoga retreat in San Ramon”

Here is our address: (if needed for customs)
800m east of the entrance Piedra Blanca, in Cambronero
City: San Ramón
Province: Alajuela
Zip Code: 20202

We are excited to host you!

**PLEASE NOTE: if you are getting your EKG with us you take a very small risk that the results will be irregular and you may need to take less medicine. This is very rare but it can happen)