Iboga Preparation

Iboga Preparation

Preparation and intention are crucial steps to attaining our desires in life, and they parallel the process of moving into Iboga ceremony.  

Committing to ceremony is an opportunity to address everything that has caused us suffering, and to initiate release. While the past cannot be changed, the choice to make peace with it remains in our control. Iboga presents a chance to honor our life’s path, accomplishments, and our many blessings. 

This may come as a shift in perception. A realization that everything that has ever happened to us is exactly what our soul needed to experience and endure—even the seemingly difficult or painful times—in order to bring us to here and now. A deeper, greater purpose lies behind even the most challenging obstacles of our past. 

When we learn to receive the gifts, lessons and opportunities from our past experiences—all of them, both the easeful and the burdensome—we begin to nurture an inner peace, releasing trauma from our spirit. Accessing all the gifts our experiences have provided. The medicine illuminates understanding and acceptance, showing us how a shift in perception can mirror a tremendous shift in our life. 

We are reminded that our greatest blessing is life itself, because without life, we have nothing. Iboga begins to ignite the gift of being alive; something we may have forgotten, or even viewed as a challenge, at times on our path. 

Iboga’s potential for healing is infinite. Once we become aware of the gift of life, we begin to feel an overwhelming appreciation and gratitude for each moment, each breath, each sunrise, each embrace, each challenge, and each lesson.  

When considering Iboga as a teacher, we must take the first step and ask ourselves, ‘Am I ready?’

This means that we are willing to look deep inside our soul, to commit to taking back ownership of our minds and our lives, that we are ready to seek truth and break free from what is holding us back. 

We must enter this ceremony with open minds and hearts. Fully surrendering to the medicine, without any expectation of what our journey will look like, feel like, or what gifts it may impart.  

The willingness to enter a state of complete vulnerability, with full trust in the medicine, is what ignites the healing process on every level, no matter what. 

Committing to this spiritual journey and setting our intentions is the beginning. But as our journey approaches, the mind, sensing imminent demise of its destructive ways, will play tricks and cause us to doubt. 

It is very important not to give charge to these doubtful thoughts. When they come, simply acknowledge them and let them pass. Be aware of the thoughts without focusing on them, reading into them, or attaching to them. It is okay that they exist. Thoughts will always exist, negative and positive. It is up to us to decide which ones to focus on, and which ones to release. Do your best to connect to the voice inside of you and follow your intuition.

Create clear intentions about what you wish to discover about your life. Enter Iboga leaving no stone unturned. Be open, and trust that this medicine gives us exactly what we need to heal. Do not create a story of what that might look like. Whatever we anticipate our Iboga experience to be, we are given something completely different. 

Do not be fearful of seeing things that may feel uncomfortable. Discomfort is an important part of cleansing on a soul-level. If true healing occurred on the surface, our surface-level efforts would have healed us long ago. Deep healing is not comfortable and it is not easy. Healing at the root happens when we surrender. It happens when we confront our fears. By confronting our shadows, we break through to our greatest possible light.

Hitu na Bwiti
(Trust, or Trust the Process)