Awaken Your Soul Retreat Schedule

Schedule 2019

  • September 13-20
  • September 23-30
  • October 3-10
  • October 13-20
  • November 3-10
  • November 13-20
  • November 22-29 (Private Group)
  • December 2-9
  • December 12-19

Schedule 2020

  • January 13-20
  • January 23-30
  • February 3-10
  • February 22-29
  • March 3-10
  • March 13-20
  • April 3-10
  • April 13-20
  • May 13-20
  • May 23-30
  • June 13-20
  • June 23-30
  • July 3-10
  • July 13-20

**Awaken Your Soul also facilitates private retreats to create deep and lasting transformation for individuals, private groups or to other facilitators looking for a retreat space for rent. To inquire, contact us.

About Awaken Your Soul Costa Rican Iboga Retreats

Committing to this type of work is an investment in you. This is a life-changing and transformative process that is an illumination of the body, mind and soul. Most people note a very defined “before and after”  turning point in their lives.

Our groups are very intimate with 6-8 guests per retreat, thus giving us more time to support your individual process. You are your own healer, we simply help guide you into the depths of your own truth. The medicine is a profound teacher and we are committed to assist each guest to understand their own unique teachings.

Our wholistic approach offers many supportive elements in complement to the medicine throughout the week. We also find that being surrounded by nature in the Costa Rican jungle is one of the most profound elements!


  • Organic & Hearty Vegetable-Driven Food created by The Naked Bite
  • Detailed individual preparation workbook (to be submitted before arrival)
  • One-on-on preparation sessions
  • Integration support during retreat
  • 2 group integration circles
  • Access to post-retreat integration monthly group calls
  • Optional Micro-dosing in between ceremonies (additional fee)
  • Wholistic Breathwork
  • Art Therapy
  • Gentle Yoga
  • Reiki- 5-10 min sessions included during ceremony
    (deeper 1 hour sessions available for additional fee)
  • Relaxing, Deep Tissue & Thai Massages (additional fee)
  • Dry needling- similar to accupuncture (additional fee)

Weekly Retreat Outline

  • Day 1 – Arrival and Welcoming Ceremony
  • Day 2 – One-on-one preparation session, Bwiti Fire Ceremony & Iboga Journey
  • Day 3 – Relaxation, introspection & processing the ceremony
  • Day 4 – Spiritual Shower, Integration
  • Day 5 – Breathwork, Bwiti Fire Ceremony & Iboga Journey
  • Day 6 – Relaxation, introspection & processing the ceremony
  • Day 7 – Nature Outing, Art Therapy, Integration
  • Day 8 – Departure
  • **We include yoga, reiki, massage and other activities throughout the week based on the flow of each group**

Retreat Cost

  • Pricing between $3000-$3950 USD based on type of accommodation- please inquire below
  • *Pricing for private retreats for special groups is on a case by case basis*
  • **For guests who have a history of serious addiction or drug abuse additional costs may apply for us to best support your transformation**


Host Your Own Retreat

We also rent the entire property to select groups at certain times throughout the year- please enquire below