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An image gallery of photos from Awaken Your Soul’s trips to Africa, including some images from the traditional Bwiti Iboga Ceremony. Visitors embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey into the heart of the jungle, connecting to Gabon’s sacred people and ancient medicine

Africa Gallery


Our retreat space is located about 15 minutes west of the city of San Ramon in the vibrant mountains of Costa Rica. An hour and 15 minute drive from SJO airport and you will find yourself nestled in a breathtaking and tranquil 91 acres of lush tropical jungle. The space is comprised of 5 houses interlaced with mountain streams, abundant fruit trees, wildlife and a huge fresh water swimming pool. Our guests are truly given the opportunity to retreat, connect with mother nature and reset in the deepest way possible!

Africa Gallery


Part of the unparalleled beauty of the Awaken Your Soul sanctuary is the wildlife we share the land with. Click to view an image gallery featuring  of some of our favorite neighbors. Awaken Your Soul sits on a stunning piece of land tucked into the tropical mountains that we call “The Sanctuary”. This land is lush, vibrant and attracts all types of native Costa Rican wildlife such as monkeys, toucans, pizotes, iguanas, many different birds and butterflies as well as our resident peacock couple “The Mateos” and our kitty mascot Isabel.

Africa Gallery

Tiera De Sueños Organic Farm (The Land of Dreams)

Located in the small town of Zarcero, Tierra De Sueños is an organic farm run by a wonderful Costa Rican family. Committed to “food as medicine” they provide Awaken Your Soul with all of our produce, grass-fed raw milk, chicken and many of our dry goods!

Africa Gallery

Our Costa Rica Iboga Retreat

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