Integration begins when we leave medicine ceremony.

Iboga is a tool that sheds light and awareness, but it will never override our free will. The choice to change our lives is ours, and will always be ours. Integration is a layered and multi-faceted process of opening, shedding, understanding and accepting; one that is revealed and more deeply understood over time.

This process includes the following, as well as many other, elements:

  • Learning to stay present in our everyday life; not dwelling on the past or worrying about the future
  • Staying connected to our truth, valuing our life, and constantly reminding ourselves that life is a gift, that nothing goes above it
  • Learning how to set intentions and manifest abundance in our life
  • Taking the gifts, lessons and teachings of Iboga and applying and implementing them into everyday life
  • Keeping the connection to our soul and to the medicine strong and present
  • Focusing on working through areas of our life that need attention, love and clarity
  • Being mindful, learning to use the mind as a tool; beginning to change old thought patterns, programming, conditioning and belief systems that no longer serve us; working to break down all limiting beliefs
  • Forming a solid plan to make necessary life changes that bring peace, wellness and abundance
  • Potentially changing relationships, careers, or relocating
  • Beginning to look at our life from a different, more grateful and loving perspective

Why is post-ceremony integration support important?

During a retreat, we are doing intensive healing work in as little as a week’s time. This deep and profound shedding leaves us sensitive, vulnerable, open and receptive to energies around us.

In the weeks and months to follow ceremony, we must at times experience our shadow, at other times our light. Integrating these layers of healing is an essential part of acknowledging and adopting our pure truth.

We leave ceremony with emotions rising, so we must be gentle with ourselves as we come to balance and arrive at a grounded space. Proper support and coaching throughout this time is valuable to gain deep understanding of the healing that took place, while moving through layers in an easeful, positive, supported way.

Mother Earth has offered humankind the gift of many sacred plant medicines, each containing its own spirit, energy, and healing properties.

These plant teachers exist for the betterment of our world, so we can find harmony in the process of spiritual discovery to learn about life and connect with oneness.

Plant medicine encourages us to look deep inside our wounds and traumas to discover the truth, love and light we all possess. They guide us in stitching together a deep web of connectedness—to ourselves and to all living things—which, over time, has become frayed or broken.

Working with Anthony

Anthony Esposito of Awaken Your Soul specializes in guiding people through every level of a medicine journey—supporting the process both before and after ceremony.

In June of 2010, his soul first called him to plant medicine work. Years later, and after much personal work with Iboga, he has not only awakened to his highest self, but has realized his passions, gifts and life purpose: to guide others in crystallizing their own journeys with the medicine. Since, his commitment has rested solidly on the path of healing and soul-level awakening.

Of his offerings, Anthony says, “I am present for people when they begin to hear the call, and help them build strong bridges from that call to the medicine. I am also, at times, present for their physical journey with the medicine, and offer guidance and support when they return home to integrate these profound teachings.”

Integration of the plants’ teachings continues to unfold long after an active ceremony ends. As we awaken to the spirit inside of us, a deep responsibility is revealed. Now we know the truth.

It takes time to process through this newfound awareness. Energies will begin to shift, and we notice aspects of our life that may have been suppressed for some time.

As we enter this curve on the road to long-term healing, the presence of a trusted source and confidante is indispensable. Grounded support allows us to more clearly process the lessons and gifts we received.

“In my experience, I have learned how beneficial it is to have someone with you for a period of time who sees eye to eye with you, who deeply understands the transformation and shift you experienced,” says Anthony of integration support. “To be there for you when you return home, to help guide you and shed light and clarity into areas that you may still be processing.”

In Anthony’s work, his primary dedication rests in the spirit of Iboga. He has undergone and completed rigorous training with a Gabonese Bwiti shaman, has been pushed through Full Initiation and Rites of Passage ceremonies in Gabon, Africa, and facilitates and leads Iboga ceremonies throughout North America.

His self-discovery and healing path has also been deeply influenced by the Grandmother medicine, Ayahuasca. He and his wife Amber spent six months living in Peru’s Sacred Valley, taking part in multiple retreats and ceremonies. The open-hearted, feminine nature of this medicine is equally woven into the fabric of Anthony’s being, and he is also called to help guide and support those integrating after Ayahuasca.