Preparation & Integration

Preparation: The shifts often begin the moment we make the commitment to work within and to do deeper into our own psyche. In order to get the most of your experience with the medicine, we will often suggest meeting with a coach or a healer a few times before you embark on  your retreat. The intention is to help uncover and clarify exactly what you are looking to discover and address. These sessions will also help to best navigate the medicine and integrate what arises within the week.

  • Clarifying what you are looking to heal
  • Understanding how to best participate during the process
  • Beginning to cleanse the body & environment around you
  • Preparing to make lasting life changes
  • Learning how to best navigate what comes up during your journey
  • Beginning to understand your programming and the subconscious mind
  • Addressing an aftercare plan, goals & approach

Integration: begins when we leave the ceremony and begin to process what we have learned under the direct influence of the medicine.

Iboga is a powerful tool that sheds light and awareness, but it will never override our free will. The choice to change our lives is ours. Having experienced and unbiased support through this process can be highly instrumental in solidifying healthy and lasting results.

Integration includes the following, as well as many other, elements:

  • Learning to stay present in our everyday life; not spending time in pain of the past or worrying about the future
  • Staying connected to our truth, valuing our life, consistently reminding ourselves that life is a gift
  • Learning how to set intentions and manifest abundance in our life
  • Taking the lessons and teachings of Iboga and implementing them into everyday life
  • Nurturing our connection to our soul and to the medicine
  • Focusing on working through areas of our life that need love, attention and clarity
  • Learning to use the mind as a tool, not the master; beginning to change old thought patterns, programming, conditioning and belief systems that no longer serve us; working to break down all limiting beliefs
  • Creating a plan to make necessary life changes that bring peace, wellness, abundance and support our highest truth
  • Potentially changing relationships, careers, or relocating
  • Beginning to look at our life from a different, more grateful and loving perspective

*Prep & Integration is recommend for everyone but is especially critical for those who are looking to heal from addiction and trauma. Committing to this journey requires the appropriate support for success, a trained professional will help make the effort and investment deep and lasting.

Why is post-ceremony integration support important?

During a retreat, we are doing intensive healing work in as little as a week’s time. Some will say that this can be equivalent to 10 years of psychotherapy. This rapid and profound shedding leaves us sensitive, vulnerable, and can be a lot to process all at once, especially when dealing with deep trauma or post addiction recovery.

In the weeks and months to follow ceremony, we must at times experience our shadow side and often our lightness as well. Integrating these layers of healing is an essential part of accepting the truths in our lives and embracing everything about ourselves.

Proper support and coaching throughout this time is valuable to gain deep understanding of the healing that took place, while moving through layers in an smooth, positive and supported way.

Plant medicine encourages us to look deep inside our wounds and traumas to discover the truth, love and light we all possess. They guide back to the connection to ourselves and to all living things—which, over time, has become frayed or broken.


Angie Arkin~ Intuitive Healer & Plant Medicine Integration

Angie is an intuitive healer, using her intuition to tap directly into what is happening on a soul level with the person with whom she is working. She feels that those of us who suffer deeply are the ones who are most disconnected from their spirit; their source of intuition. Once we are disconnected from our spirit and no longer hearing our own intuitive answers, it’s very easy to become ungrounded and to feel lost, adrift and confused in our daily lives.

Intuitive Healing as a way of reconnecting you to your spirit so you can begin to have a clearer communication with your higher self. Iboga helps reconnect us with our soul and Angie can greatly assist in continuing to strengthen that relationship and clear out other unwanted energies and patterns from our past. Angie has extensive practice working with medicinal plants and post ceremony integration and deeply understands where we can be after such a life-altering experience.

Amber and Anthony have worked with Angie on a personal level for several years and have great reverence for her abilities to help support one’s healing process. To read more about Intuitive healing and to contact Angie click here…

Being True To You- Transformational Recovery Coaching

Deanne Adamson and her nurturing and qualified team provide preparation and integration aftercare to support you through psycho-spiritual transformation and/or trauma or addiction recovery. The specialize in post plant medicine integration support with a focus on but not limited to addiction recovery.

Their intention is to best prepare you for this experience, support your early and long-term recovery, and follow-up with the kind of integration and accountability you’ll need to succeed. BTTY offers more comprehensive integration recovery coaching sessions with certified Being True to You Recovery Coaches. You will continue you transformational experience through coaching sessions to ensure you create lasting results after your experience. Integrating your Iboga ceremonies, especially relating to trauma/addiction recovery require ongoing introspection, integration, and dedication beyond what’s normal for you.  

Anthony has trained with BTTY and feels that this is the most effective and compassionate recovery program specializing in addiction recovery. For more information click here…


Nanice Ellis~ Conscious Creation Coach & Plant Medicine Integration

Nanice’s coaching programs are designed to help us wake up, to consciously create our life and to embrace our full potential. She has worked extensively with medicinal plants and has a deep awareness of the integration process needed to support the transformation.

Working with Iboga begins to wake us up as our true selves, releasing false beliefs, personal armor and negative patterns. Living as the false self often manifests as self-sabotaging or unconscious behaviors, internal blocks, worthiness issues, resistance, lack of clarity, doubts, fears, blocked creativity, etc… Rather than blaming the false self, there is a permanent cure – waking up as your True Self!

Through a unique combination of spiritual principals, human dynamics, Neuro Linguistic Programming, various consciousness techniques, and a lot of love and compassion, Nanice’s commitment if to help you make inner shifts and take inspired actions that result in real life changes. Read more about Conscious Creation Coaching and contact Nanice.