Preparation & Integration


The shifts often begin the moment we make the commitment to work with this medicine. Up to months in advance most notice that life begins to shift.

In order to get the most of your experience we include a mandatory preparation workbook that we send upon booking that is designed to help you uncover some deeper truths. This workbook is for you first and foremost and also will help us guide you even further to achieve lasting results. This will be sent to you once you commit to the retreat.

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Experiencing this powerful Iboga medicine creates huge shifts in our consciousness. However, the work to uncover the true self does not end when you leave the Iboga retreat environment.

In fact the reality is quite the opposite, this exciting and transformative work has only just begun. Integration begins when we leave the ceremony and begin to process what we have learned under the direct influence of the medicine

This is the beauty of the journey but it is important that participants understand this aspect in advance so as to receive the most from this process and to accept the path as it unfolds.

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