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Video and written testimonials from participants in the Awaken Your Soul experience and the healing power of Iboga.

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My first experience with iboga will definitely not be my last, and not only because of the profound relationship I’ve begun with this medicinal ally. Delivered with care and the utmost integrity, the overall experience Anthony and Amber provide for participants is incredibly thoughtful, professional, and truly high quality. The setting is peaceful and beautiful, and I felt safe, seen, and supported every step of the way.

They clearly love what they do and Anthony’s enthusiasm for the work is contagious. Amber’s exquisite culinary creations nourished our souls and delighted our palates. I witnessed them both making consistent efforts to ensure everyone felt connected with them and as comfortable as possible.

They spent time with me before, during, and after the retreat to listen with their hearts, share their wisdom, and offer guidance. I felt like I could come to them at any time with anything I wanted to say, and I felt welcome to ask for anything I needed.

I am very grateful to be able access some essential parts of myself again along with gaining some new realizations, and the path of getting to know my true self is becoming much clearer. This exploration of awareness is already enhancing and deepening my work with clients and improving my personal relationships.

The journey was the most fun I’ve had in a quite a while, even though taking a good look at my ingrained thought patterns was uncomfortable at times. I now understand that that kind of temporary discomfort is minuscule compared to the discomfort of living through the false self and being at the mercy of my mind! It was a valuable gift and an honor to be able to participate, and I very much look forward to the next journey.

– Rebecca C.

MA Transpersonal Counseling Psychology

It’s been two weeks since my first Iboga ceremony and I’m glad I’ve had a few weeks to settle in before writing this. As an ayahuasca facilitator, one of the most common questions I’m asked is “but does it last?” The days after my two Iboga ceremonies, I believe I was in a state of enlightenment.

Weeks later, the clarity is still there, it just requires work, controlling my thoughts and understanding how to integrate this miraculous healing I’ve received into my daily life. And I would not understand how to do that if I hadn’t met Anthony. Working as an ayahuasca facilitator for the past four years, I have come across numerous facilitators and center owners who use helping others as a way of distracting themselves from their own work, or as a way of feeding their egos.

Anthony is the exact opposite and the difference when you’re dealing with someone who a) is a genuine earth angel. b) actually lives the work. c) has humility, is astounding. Working with him, I understand that the hard work pays off, because this man has worked on himself.

What I received from iboga and the guidance, love and support that have received from Anthony, has given me what hundreds of ayahuasca ceremonies, over a decade of therapy, as well as degrees in psychology could not.

Things were dug out of my subconscious that would have taken me another decade to unravel and immediately processed correctly. And through it all, I had Anthony dropping wisdom that has stuck with me every day since I left my retreat. He makes everything so simple that there’s no room for doubt or excuses.

The day before my retreat ended I was nervous about having to go back to the same negative environment I’d come from when I was now feeling so free, happy and at peace. Anthony bluntly pointed out the absurdity of doing things that make you unhappy and it was like a light bulb switched on in my brain. I promptly changed my plans and am now having a powerful integration period and doing what’s best for me. Which will in turn be what is best for my friends, family and clients.

Anthony isn’t just my iboga provider. He’s my teacher, my brother and my friend. I assume he will be in my life for a very long time, because he’s incredibly patient and he will deal with me. So much respect, love and gratitude!

– Isadore B
Ayahuasca facilitator

I have been blessed to have now completed 2 individual week-long retreats working with Awaken Your Soul Iboga facilitators, Amber and Anthony. My first retreat was located in the jungle of Costa Rica, and provided a beautiful natural setting.

Coming to the retreat I had not anticipated such a beautiful balance of the Male and Female energies in working with the medicine spirits and holding sacred space. When I sat next to Amber during the opening ceremony, I felt as if I was being sucked into a vortex of immense and unconditional love. I felt extremely safe and remember listening to her calm and grounded words inviting us in.

Iboga is the Master of Plant Medicines, and I was not sure what to expect from the ceremonies, journeys, integration and recoveries. Although there were some obstacles at our retreat location, Amber and Anthony went above and beyond to ensure that we were all held within a very safe and structured container. This was the best week of my life. I was able to let go and allow the medicine to do the work. I was catered to with fresh food/nourishment, caring and open hearted conversations. The opening it created in my heart and mind was more than I had ever anticipated, and for that I am truly grateful.

Then a few months later I was called to participate in a second retreat. The hospitality was second to none, from the retreat location surrounded by the beauty of nature for enjoyable hikes, to the nutritious and balanced food programs.  Amber’s culinary expertise adds much flavor, and Anthony’s Bwiti wisdom teachings were always spot on.

My journeys hit home, opened me up and gave me the confidence to love myself in a way that I never have before.  I know I will be back to visit with Iboga again someday, and when that time comes, I will be calling Awaken Your Soul! Of all Shamans or Facilitators I have worked with, I can easily and honestly say these 2 beautiful souls are in a league of their own.


– Anne F.

Working with Anthony and Amber at Awaken Your Soul has been an pivotal experience in my life. They create a safe and supporting space for deep work and transformational healing.

The experience grounds you in the present moment with the truth of who you are, allowing you to move forward with a renewed sense of purpose and perspective. I can’t recommend their services enough to those who feel the calling.”

– John C.

The most incredible inner journey, spiritual awakening and ‘re-setting’ old stories and programs occurred with Anthony and Awaken Your Soul!! The spiritual journeys lead by Anthony were beyond anything my mind or past experience could have imagined or created…, and the integration has been even more subtle and powerful at that same time.

Finding myself surrendering ever deeper into the medicine and now continuing that practice when back at home…priceless!!! Grateful for the incredible care of the Team, the nourishment, the love and the guidance to dive ever deeper!! I am eternally connected and appreciative…

– Ron M.

“Anthony has guided me to see the truth in myself, which has led me to see the truth in my life. This has been an overwhelmingly loving and empowering experience that I get to live each day. I trust Anthony’s intuition and perspective so much that he also provides counseling to my children. I recommend Anthony without reservation.”

— Riley K.

I have faced various struggles, ranging from severe depression, Lyme disease, and numerous diagnoses of mental illness. I have been prescribed dozens of pharmaceuticals including anti-depressants, benzodiazepines, opioids, and anti-convulsants to ease symptoms. For over a decade, I searched for answers and guidance as to how I could better improve my mental state and overall well being. I had been hospitalized several times and tried different rehabilitation programs in the form of in- and outpatient. Things took a plunge downward when I seemed to be out of solutions and conventional medicine and therapy had reached a dead end for me.

As a desperate attempt to find answers, I called an Iboga center in Costa Rica. I was greeted by Anthony, who I chatted with about my obstacles and overall fears. I was relieved to hear my experiences were not out of the spectrum of having a solution, so long as I was willing to put in effort to help myself. I set up several different sessions to speak with Anthony about my experiences, as well as what steps I could start to take to better improve my health.

What has been so remarkable working with Anthony has been his unique touch in how he builds a true, personal relationship with who he is working with. I have no words to express his ability to subjectively listen to what I have to say and be able to see the core potential behind my struggle.

With Anthony, I am in good hands. Most of my life, I have been given advice as to what others would do if they where in my shoes. Anthony has helped me find a solution that resonates well with my beliefs and is in the bounds of who I am, not who others think I should be.

To me, Anthony has not only become a mentor but a friend, someone I can trust and truly care about. I still have work to put in on my journey back to health, but thanks to Anthony’s guidance, I have a been able to find direction and newfound hope in my life. Something I have been seeking for a long time.”

— Andrew R.

Within minutes of talking to Anthony, I knew I was speaking to a man with integrity and a heart of gold. At the time, I was in an incredible state of suffering and it was soothing to talk to a genuine, caring, and healing soul in my state of mind. He talked to me for hours, and truly wanted to help me. Even when he found out I wasn’t going to the Iboga center, and he wouldn’t make money off of me, he still regularly checked in on me and gave me some contacts that could help.

Anthony is a rare breed, and his honesty, intelligence, and ability to ground all of the insights from medicine work is truly one of a kind. I couldn’t think of anyone better to work with when making the transition from deep psychological plant medicine work back to ‘real-life.’ Anthony will be a great friend for the rest of my life.

– Josh M.


You can’t fear yourself with Iboga. It won’t let you. Because this medicine is where fear goes to die. Courage will give you the strength to face it, but it’s Anthony’s knowledge and Amber’s guidance and support that will give you the tools to defeat it. I trusted them with my life to get me to where I couldn’t get to by myself. Anthony and Amber’s intentions were for me, and me alone on this journey of rediscovery. From the profoundly safe and intimate space where I laid helplessly in their care, to Anthony’s insightful wisdom that navigated the dimensions of my mind, body, and soul. This medicine helped me reclaim who I am, and what I deserve to become. I can honestly say, the experience changed my life. Let it change yours.

—Hunter B.

As a fellow Iboga provider and Bwiti Initiate, and as someone who has walked deeply on my own path with this medicine, there is no one I can recommend above Anthony Esposito in his gift of guidance. He offers support that is fully founded in his own plant medicine work. It is this personal knowing that makes his coaching so valuable. Many therapists and psychologists are not familiar with the unique integration experience that follows a plant medicine ceremony. To best navigate a person through this time, the support and integration must be dialed to the plants—and, in this case, to Iboga specifically. I know no one else who has chosen to take the path of counseling and also knows this medicine so well. Not only is Anthony well-qualified to assist with Western models of counseling and addictions work, he is also a provider of the medicine, has been trained by a Bwiti shaman, and has journeyed to Gabon, Africa and undergone Full Initiation and Rites of Passage ceremonies.

Anthony’s true understanding of Iboga’s spirit is magnified even more greatly by his innate gifts in guidance and coaching. He is a profound listener. His heart is fully in his work. His complete presence is felt throughout all interactions. And his advice is solid. Founded. Grounded. Intuitive. Built upon Bwiti teachings and his own life experiences. His methods are directed to empower, not victimize—an area where many Western models of therapy fall short. What he is offering the plant medicine community is unprecedented at this time.

—Deena C.

Iboga Provider, Bwiti