Awaken Your Soul

Awaken From Within

Iboga Retreats in Costa Rica & Beyond

Rediscover your truth, your beauty, your freedom.

The return to wholeness is a beautiful and complex journey, one that can be
achieved in many ways.

Iboga is a quickening of this process that begins to heal the heart and
shows us the way back home.

About Awaken Your Soul

Iboga is an incredibly powerful tool for healing all aspects of our lives. It is more powerful than we can sometimes even believe. It is our mission to impact change in the world through holding an impeccable space where people can connect to their own innate power and begin to create the life they deserve. We are all our own healers, our roll is to create a safe container for the journey within.

Awaken Your Soul retreats offer a warm and nurturing approach for those seeking clarity from the medicine, helping them feel safe and comfortable to explore their deepest truths. These retreats are not a “vacation” but rather a departure from an old, stale and often uncomfortable way of being. In this space people can connect to their own innate power and begin to create the life they deserve.

What Is Iboga?

The Iboga medicine allows for a reconnection to our soul.

A powerful medicinal plant from deep in the jungles of Africa, Iboga’s purpose is to detoxify the mind, body and spirit. Its mission is to search for the truth inside of us to help heal at the deepest physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Iboga has been found to be extremely helpful in:

  • Creating deep, lasting spiritual transformation
  • Initiating a newfound sense of inner peace
  • Helping people with addiction, depression, PTSD, anxiety, and more by discovering the root of the pain and healing it
  • Forging a reconnection to the soul/spirit

Known by the Bwiti as the Tree of Life, this plant’s healing capability is infinite. It has been used for hundreds, if not thousands, of years, and there is an intelligence that originates further back than we could ever imagine. At Awaken Your Soul, we’ve dedicated our lives to sharing the beauty, love, and the tradition of this sacred Tree of Life.

At Awaken your Soul we use the full Iboga root, not pharmaceutical-grade Ibogaine. Ibogaine is extracted from the Iboga tree (Tabernanthe Iboga), but the Ibogaine extraction process causes it to lose many of the incredible properties contained in pure Iboga. Chemically, Ibogaine contains 1 of 12 alkaloids that naturally occur in Iboga. Instead, we believe that Iboga, in its natural form—and containing all of its alkaloids—is the best way to use this medicine. It is the way nature created it, and it contains organic keys that provide access to the spirit of Iboga.

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Committing to this type of work is an investment in you. This is a life-changing and transformative process that is an illumination of the body, mind and soul. Most people note a very defined “before and after”  turning point in their lives.

Our groups are very intimate with 6-8 guests per retreat, thus giving us more time to support your individual process. You are your own healer, we simply help guide you into the depths of your own truth. Our wholistic approach offers many supportive elements in compliment to the medicine throughout the week including vibrant organic meals, breathwork, reiki, yoga, meditation & more.


The spiritual journeys lead by Anthony were beyond anything my mind or past experience could have imagined or created, and the integration has been even more subtle and powerful at that same time.

Ron M.

Anthony has guided me to see the truth in myself, which has led me to see the truth in my life. This has been an overwhelmingly loving and empowering experience that I get to live each day.

Riley K.

Anthony builds a true, personal relationship with who he is working with. I have no words to express his ability to subjectively listen to what I have to say and be able to see the core potential behind my struggle.

Andrew R.

We Are Our Own Healers