About Awaken Your Soul

Awaken Your Soul offers a warm and nurturing approach for those seeking more peace in their lives, helping them feel safe and comfortable to explore their deepest truths. These retreats are not a “vacation” but rather a departure from an old, stale and often uncomfortable way of being. Iboga is an incredibly powerful tool for healing all aspects of our lives. If someone is ready, one week with the Iboga medicine can truly begin to transform a person, we see this over and over and over again.

This time offers our guests the opportunity to experience an elevated state of consciousness combined with healing foods, breathwork, art therapy, yoga, meditation and an open and safe environment for people to feel greatly supported to explore themselves in the deepest way possible.

On our lush 91 acre property located in the mountains of Costa Rica we host open enrollment retreats as well as coordinate private retreats by appointment.

Anthony Esposito
Lead Iboga Provider and Bwiti Initiate

Anthony’s first Iboga experience was so profound that it became immediately clear he would serve this sacred medicine with respect and honor. Anthony has a deep connection to the sprit of Iboga, and has been cultivating his practice over the last 6 years. Iboga has given Anthony the ability to heal his trauma, embrace the beauty of life and to help others realize their own freedom.

Amber Antonelli
Provider Apprentice, Bwiti Initiate & Chief of the Village

Amber first began working with the medicine 5 years ago, receiving incredibly rapid change in her life beyond any other personal work that she had experienced. She feels immense honor to use this powerful plant on a personal level as well as to help guide others to discover their own healing. Amber brings a powerful yet nurturing component to this process that has been known to be quite masculine at times.

Raven Marie
Assistant Facilitator & Bwiti Initiate

Working with Iboga granted Raven the opportunity to heal the deepest layers of herself. She is honored to help spread the love of this medicine.

Natalie Bertha Awaken Your Soul

Natalie Christina
Assistant Facilitator

Natalie has been able to consciously create massive change in her life through the teachings of Iboga and is honored to help support others to do the same.

Gabriel Martinez & Lauren Ortiz

Following their son’s birth Gabriel and Lauren adopted a life of transformation and support AYS with nurturing food and warm personalities.

Maria & Jose

Both raised in nearby town of Esparza – The Muchachos make the Awaken Your Soul world go around in the most fundamental and vital way.

Resident Ceremony Kitty

Isabel (typically known as Mama) was born in Miami and has been and nature-lover and a devout foodie her whole life. She has always had a compassionate nature but truly tapped into her empathic and healing abilities when her parents began to include her in these sacred ceremonies.

She now spends her days interacting with the peacocks and snoozing to save her energies for the ceremony nights. Isabel spends the entire ceremony time patrolling the sacred space and attending to those who need some animal connection!