More About Amber Antonelli

More About Amber

Amber grew up in a very loving yet broken home with two parents who were both wounded descendants from alcoholic and dysfunctional families. By comparison to many however, she had a happy and joyous upbringing with two very attentive and nurturing parents. Because of their early conditioning however, Amber’s early life it was embedded with anger, codependency and undue responsibility placed on such a young child.

This led her not surprisingly to her own forms of escapism with drugs, alcohol and a series of codependent and addictive Amber Antonelli Awaken Your Soulrelationships. Fortunately, Amber’s experimentation with substances never took hold, but she was unable to shake the pattern of being in unhealthy partnerships.

She met Anthony in early 2007, they fell in love almost immediately and began their now 11-year journey as soul mates the day after they met.

Many of these years were spent on the classic roller coaster that drives an addictive relationship. Time and time again Amber dutifully picked up the pieces and held everything together in a very unhealthy way, all the while dying inside and watching the love of her life self-destruct.

Despite the awareness that there was a better way to live, she couldn’t shake the knowing that Anthony had a brilliant soul and possessed the capacity to heal, not to mention that his wounds kept her from needing to look deeply at her own. Subconsciously her soul also knew there were deep and profound teachings for her in this relationship.

When Anthony’s addiction finally led him to the bottom, it took their relationship with it and Amber found herself alone and deeply wounded with nothing but her own behaviors, though patterns and conditioning to confront.

No longer could she ignore her wounds in the shadow of Anthony’s pain, she needed to face herself, possibly for the first time. The Ayahuasca and Iboga medicines became a very strong anchor in this process, and this truly began her healing journey.

As she began to dig, Amber illuminated a deeper awareness for abusive and traumatic experiences as a child that she had never quite understood fully. Her clarity around a pervasive sense of unworthiness and victimhood helped Amber loosen and begin to release these ties that bind.

Through both of their commitments to heal, Anthony and Amber were able to come back together and build a solid, connected and healthy relationship, something that neither had experienced before. The guidance and the re-programming that the medicine provides as well as leveraging many other modalities, she has let go of the old stories that had defined Amber’s life experience.

Through the journey of awakening, Amber has been able to release fear, control and and fully learn to embody self-love. She is constantly cleaning and clearing her own blockages in the quest for freedom and to be of the highest service to other’s conscious transformation.