Awaken Your Soul Guest Reviews

Ten years of therapy in one night! That’s exactly what I said the day after my first Iboga journey at Awaken Your Soul. It’s now been several months since that day and it remains one of the most powerful and transformative weeks of my entire life. The hosts Amber and Anthony are second to none. They are caring and intuitive when you need them and also know when to give you your space to process your journey. I can’t say enough positive things about this unique and beautiful place. If you are wondering about this retreat or about what Iboga can do to transform your life then wonder no more. I wouldn’t hesitate to say that if you are reading this then is the beginning of the next chapter of your life. A chapter of love and personal awakening beyond anything you’ve ever experienced. But deep down I’m sure you already know that 😉 Just go already!
~ Nate B.

Awaken Your Soul was my 4th experience with iboga. My first 2 started the process of breaking, one step at a time, through the illusions that had been my defenses all my life. The clearing of emotional and mental debris let me start to see the world, both inner and outer, through fresh eyes. I did the full initiation in Gabon in 2015, and came to AYS almost 4 years later with more questions. I can’t describe how much of a reward it felt just to step on the property! So much natural beauty combined with Anthony, Amber, and Raven’s deep understanding of how iboga works with the soul. They provided all the nurturing, support, and space I needed. I had 2 very deep and turbulent, but also very insightful and healing journeys. I really think they do the best job of giving everything you need for personal development wherever you are. Are you reading the raves about the food? Delicious, nourishing, plenty… such delight!! Thanks again everyone at Awaken Your Soul!!!
~ Milvi M.

Anthony and Amber have definitely been on their own Hero’s Journey and they bring the heart, soul, skill and capacities to facilitate you in your journey in a beautiful setting with kind and benevolent support staff and comfortable accommodations. This medicine is laser-focused on getting YOU to recognize YOUR patterns and deep inner truths (and lies) so that you can transcend and transform in ways that other methods or personal growth only hint at accomplishing. Bring your open heart, your willing spirit and your clearest intentions into this experience and you will be rewarded without question. Be ready to change. Be ready to move. Be ready to confront your weakest link so that you discover your Highest Power and your most potent self. The food is great (Amber is a Chef, after all!). The surroundings are amazing and supportive and healing in their own right and their own manner. The staff during my retreat was awesome; knowing just when to assist and when to stay close but allow, allow, allow the unfolding of the participant. This is a deep process and, having explored other plant medicines in various settings, the “Set and Setting” here is just right for the depth of the journey. Take the leap!!
~ Terry H.

I have traveled and tried many things in my life, the Awaken your Soul Iboga Retreat is by far the most incredible and useful experience that I ever lived. Amber and Anthony and all their staff are just amazing and experienced people that guided me through this journey. I arrived to their sanctuary with high hope and high expectation and at the end, everything that I needed was fulfilled!! The ceremonies are an amazing awakening and cleaning of some of patterns and addiction you have created over time. I feel so much more connected now with my true self, loving my self like ever before. I now feel that I have the control for choosing what I want in my life. The environment, the accommodation and the food is just simply amazing! Thank you again Amber and Anthony for this life changing experience and for taking such good care of me!! I will be back!!!
~ Daniel M.

Diboti Iboga (Thank you Iboga!) Diboti Anthony and Amber (Thank you Anthony and Amber!) Diboti Awaken Your Soul (Thank you Awaken Your Soul!) My life has been forever changed by Iboga and I am so very grateful!

I was lost and lonely and afraid of the future. I was struggling to figure out who I was versus who I wanted to be versus who I was becoming. I was torn apart by grief and regret and self loathing and feelings of inadequacy and guilt for feeling any and all of these emotions. I felt like I should have my life figured out already and I beat myself up for not being where I wanted to be or where I thought other people expected me to be. I was desperate when Iboga found me… and I say, “Iboga found me,” because it did… If you are reading this… Iboga found you too! I believe that with every ounce of my soul.

I had never heard of Iboga, but I was searching… searching for anything… I needed help. I needed love and peace in my soul. I started looking for yoga retreats and realized maybe that wasn’t enough. Next, I searched for mental health retreats. Next, meditation retreats…. in every search, with every keyword I chose, Iboga kept popping up. I had never heard of it before. Finally, after a couple weeks of searching, I decided to call and find out more about Iboga. Anthony Esposito answered the phone immediately. We talked for over 45 minutes. I felt like I had known him for years. I felt like he cared… a lot. He was so easy to talk to and I felt no judgement from him, just a pure love and the desire to help me. I got off the phone with him and collapsed on the floor sobbing. I knew at that moment that I NEEDED Iboga in my life.

Since that first chat with Anthony, I have worked with Iboga on three different retreats over two years. Every experience has been so unique and has helped shape me in completely different ways. I have grown immensely. I have been able to reconcile things in my past that I never knew were still holding me back. I have learned to forgive myself and actually really LOVE myself. I have become more open and accepting of others and my life is just so much more full than I ever could’ve imagined.

Anthony and Amber are amazing listeners and incredible advisors and friends. They care deeply and are in this journey for the long hall. This is not a one-week experience where you are forgotten as soon as you leave. These two people are now part of my family and I am so grateful to have them as friends. They celebrate your victories (great or small) and encourage your growth. They are available and connected and loving and kind. They have embraced me into their circle and supported my journey completely. My heart beats louder and visibly beams when I think about Iboga, Anthony and Amber, and Awaken Your Soul! Choosing Iboga was the best decision I have ever made for myself.

If you would like to hear more about my experience or to ask me any questions at all, feel free to email me at or message me on facebook at I would love to share more about how Anthony, Iboga and Awaken Your Soul have changed my life forever.
Basse~ Mandi Witkower

Having taken iboga several times I was familiar with the medicine and its ways. But I was taken with the way that Anthony and Amber designed the ceremony, administered the medicine, nurtured me emotionally, supported me nutritionally, and held a sacred space for transformation. It was, and continues to be, a life changing event. Anthony’s training with an African Shaman both in Costa Rica and in Gabon, Africa shows in his reverence for and knowledge of the powerful iboga transformative plant. Iboga is sometimes referred to as Grandfather and during my experience I received direct spiritual guidance, visitations from my ancestors, and a view past this physical world into the spiritual world behind each of my “manifested realities.” The kind, caring, direct, powerful, and accommodating space created by Anthony and Amber is truly delightful. Their space is conducive for releasing addictions, experiencing metamorphosis, gaining spiritual guidance, or throwing off the constraints of cultural curtailments. An amazing experience with amazing medicine teachers!
~ Loren S.

The experience I had at Awaken Your Soul (AYS) could not have been better! The staff was amazing and Amber and Anthony have cultivated a perfect environment for setting aside distractions and letting your heart speak to you. I really like that Bwiti traditions are incorporated into the ceremonies and you can feel that there is deep reverence for where the medicine comes from and the people that have shared it with us. One thing that was particularly helpful was the integration talks, in groups as well as individual, which gave a better understanding of the experience and how to take the lessons learned from Iboga home with you.

I took Iboga two years ago which helped me overcome addiction and it has been amazing watching the changes unfold in my life as I learn to live with my spirit guiding me. In this past experience at AYS I came with three loved ones, one being my father of 62, and I feel we have grown closer through the experience and our relationships are changing and growing stronger. Iboga is such a great teacher! I always thought the term “plant medicine” was silly until I took Iboga. In a time where it can be easy to get lost in information, expectations, and distractions Iboga offers perspective on life and what is and is not important. Thank you Iboga and thank you everyone at AYS for such an amazing and healing retreat.
~ Jason G.

It is hard to put into words how I feel about this retreat. Anthony, Amber, and Raven have created such a truly magical and transformative environment. The property is gorgeous and all of the staff make you feel welcomed, accepted, and give you the space to be honest and vulnerable. This retreat gave me things I didn’t know I needed. I am now open to making changes in my life and excited about making those changes. The yoga sessions were great and the breathwork we did was very releasing. My boyfriend went to an Iboga retreat two years ago which led us to go on a retreat together and I don’t think we could have picked a better place to experience Costa Rica’s beauty and Iboga’s healing. This was an incredible experience and I will definitely be back in the future.
~ Tori

The love and patience I received from everyone at awaken your soul was unparalleled in helping guide me through my process and journey with Iboga medicine. Being encouraged to break my walls down and feeling supported in that is something I will always appreciate. From the food, to the medicine, to the property, everything is done right with extreme care and love.
~ Chris C.

I cannot begin to say how grateful I am for the support and wisdom both Amber and Anthony gave me during my stay at Awaken Your Soul. Not only is this Shangri La in the jungle of Costa Rica, but the talented chefs who nourished us with the delicious food is nothing I have experienced before. I have been working with Iboga and the Bwiti for seven years, and the deepest transformation work I have done has been under the guidance of Anthony Esposito. He’s done his own work, is connected with the spirit of Iboga, and was vulnerable and selfless when helping me reach the roots of suffering. Life throws some curves and pushes your mind to the limits. I chose to spend time working with Iboga plant medicine this summer to reach a deeper knowing about the love inside me, becoming intimate with everything, and releasing trauma from self-betrayal. This is the magic of Iboga, it knew what I needed to unblock self-doubt and free myself to make truthful choices in my life. There is nothing more powerful than connecting with your soul, and freeing your mind to create the life you were meant to live. This is what I received at Awaken Your Soul, it was priceless! I received a piece of wisdom from the spirit world that literally shifted my mind and soul on a path to freedom, no fear. “You are so good, you have no idea. You’re well taken care of no matter what you do” Many thanks to the staff at AYS. This is real deal healing and transformation, I hope everyone suffering from trauma, self-love, addictive mind, or just looking for the path to love and truth experiences a week here. It will change your life!
~ Marc A

I went to awaken your soul as a nurse provider during one of their retreats this year. I cannot say enough about the staff, and whole experience. Anthony and Amber are gifted and well trained providers who bridge the traditional ceremonies of Bwiti with the safety of western culture. I felt so much love, and compassion amidst the powerful teachings and soul healing journies. Our space was beautiful, food was amazing- perfect for healing. They took care of everything. I felt instantly like I was part of their family… and I still am! come with an open mind, a heart of surrender, and prepare to reconnect yourself with your soul. Thank you again for everything. I am going back again shortly and cannot wait
~Patrick F.
My life is forever transformed in the most deep and positive manner. Iboga is a master root medicine-a grandmother, unique, nurturing and incomparable. Amber, Anthony, Raven and the Awaken Your Soul staff are truly inspired experts. I look forward to returning to this amazing center and remarkable team in the future. I encourage anyone seeking a soul healing pathway to consider this team and this medicine path.
~Andy M.

Anthony, Amber and Raven create a warm, safe environment that helped me re-connect with my emotions and myself. Going into this journey, I was nervous and very new to plant medicine. Through the pre-work and ongoing conversations, I let my guard down and be vulnerable. The journey help me get in touch with my emotions and I feel like I reset my view on life. I’m excited about my future and feel so grateful to have worked with them. Every guest got something different from the retreat and I can’t wait to go back. It was a tough but powerful week.
~ Lindsey H.

This was my first experience with Iboga, and to be honest, I never would have done it if weren’t for my stepson Jason. I thought I was coming here in a supportive role for him, more than for me. What I didn’t realize is that there are no accidents and this medicine had a plan for me. From the moment I arrived at Awaken Your Soul, Amber, Anthony and the entire staff here seemed like long lost friends. They are an amazing and friendly bunch of people who genuinely care about you and want to see you heal and transform your life. The facility here is a beautiful, tranquil oasis surrounded by the jungles of Costa Rica. The food is amazing and we had some great yoga & breath work sessions. My Iboga journey was truly life changing. I did not realize how much I was hurting myself and making my own life more difficult with the limiting belief that I was unworthy. Iboga showed me that I am worthy of love and forgiveness and so is everyone else in this world. I am forever grateful to this medicine & also Awaken Your Soul for providing the most safe and loving atmosphere anyone could ask for. I went into the jungle feeling alone & and came out as one with my soul. Thank you!! ❤️
~ Jamie S.

I was a guest at the Awaken Your Soul Sanctuary because my husband was an attendee of a retreat. I spent a week in this sacred space created by Anthony and Amber absorbing the beauty of the this hand wrought space that was created with love. The grounds are magnificent..a natural habitat for birds, howler monkeys, frogs, and all manner of insect life. And beautiful rain!!! While I did not participate in the Ceremonies with the medicine, I did attend a ceremonial fire with my husband, and I felt like I was a part of things.The chanting and prayer was deeply mesmerizing and beautiful. Anthony and Amber have a true gift of sharing their own inner journeys that is translated into the Ceremonies, and facilitates the attendees with their search for their own truth. I found the fire ceremony deeply moving. Anthony is a true leader with a clarity of purpose that must be experienced directly. And Amber is a Lightworker and an integral part of this spiritual center. Then we have the food, which is holy and clean! I loved every minute of being in their space and will definitely return.
~ Lucia. A

I have been blessed to have now completed 2 week-long retreats working with Awaken Your Soul Iboga facilitators, Amber and Anthony. My first retreat was located in the jungle of Costa Rica, and provided a beautiful natural setting. Coming to the retreat I had not anticipated such a beautiful balance of the Male and Female energies in working with the medicine spirits and holding sacred space. When I sat next to Amber during the opening ceremony, I felt as if I was being sucked into a vortex of immense and unconditional love. I felt extremely safe and remember listening to her calm and grounded words inviting us in. Iboga is the Master of Plant Medicines, and I was not sure what to expect from the ceremonies, journeys, integration and recoveries.

Amber and Anthony went above and beyond to ensure that we were all held within a very safe and structured container. This was the best week of my life. I was able to let go and allow the medicine to do the work. I was catered to with fresh food/nourishment, caring and open hearted conversations. The opening it created in my heart and mind was more than I had ever anticipated, and for that I am truly grateful. The hospitality was second to none, from the retreat locations surrounded by the beauty of nature for enjoyable hikes, to the nutritious and balanced food programs. Amber’s culinary expertise adds much flavor, and Anthony’s Bwiti wisdom teachings were always spot on. My journeys hit home, opened me up and gave me the confidence to love myself in a way that I never have before. I know I will be back to visit with Iboga again someday, and when that time comes, I will be calling Awaken Your Soul! Of all Shamans or Facilitators I have worked with, I can easily and honestly say these 2 beautiful souls are in a league of their own. Namaste. ~Anne F.

Awaken Your Soul is absolutely magical!!! I was instantly at ease when we pulled up to the beautiful sanctuary and Anthony greeted me with baby Luna. Anthony and Amber are master healers and created a beautiful retreat, and I am so grateful I found this place to continue my healing from PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Even the time I spent preparing for the retreat was healing by cleaning up my diet, removing high amounts of caffeine, journaling, etc. The week in Costa Rica was life changing through the plant medicine, technology detox, nutritious plant based food, conversations with the staff, etc. I felt like I was spending a week with my spiritual family, and I cannot wait to come back in the spring time to continue my journey! I love everyone at Awaken Your Soul and cannot say enough good things about this place!
~ Victoria Z.

Awaken Your Soul is truly a special place. Amber and Anthony are the beyond gracious, supportive and welcoming. They make you feel like family and care deeply for every guest. The space itself is stunning and posses a raw natural power and beauty that is instrumental in the healing process. The rest of the staff are lovely and truly demonstrate the virtues of holding space and being in service of others. The food is also delicious, healthy and super fresh. I feel that healing happens on many levels and both the nature and the nourishment played a huge role in my process. The medicine, of course, is the main attraction and it will undoubtedly provide any person with a profound experience. I don’t care to discuss the specifics of the two journeys that I underwent, as they are sacred to me and also wouldn’t make much sense to anyone else. All I can say is that I was shown very powerful and clear images and given many messages that have transformed my life and shifted my mindset completely. The ceremony itself is beautiful and treated with extreme reverence by Anthony. It’s clear that he holds the medicine very close to his soul and wishes to share it with anyone who is willing to do this type of work. I highly encourage anyone who wishes to connect to their soul or truest self on a deep level to come to Costa Rica and take part in this incredible and unique live changing experience….And as they say at AYS, Bassé!
~ Gabe C.

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