Psycho-Spiritual Retreats

Psycho-Spiritual Retreats

Within the psycho-spiritual retreat, there are two types of Iboga journeys. Sessions are specifically designed so that the seeker takes part in two ceremonies, and can access both types of journeys in one retreat.

The first type acts as a mental, emotional and physical detox, and the second involves a deeper visionary, psycho-spiritual experience.

Iboga is a direct arrow to truth. When it encounters negative patterns or toxins within the body, it recognizes that a deep spiritual experience must wait until the body and mind are clear. Its first mission becomes removing and detoxifying the mind and body.

During a mental detox, Iboga recognizes where the mind is not serving us in a healthy or productive way. It will facilitate a mental download; a deprogramming of our negative thought patterns. If we are suppressing or ignoring emotions by not dealing with how we feel, we may experience an emotional release, which is part of the mental detox.

The physical detox is the release of any toxins in the body—from the foods we eat, to the substances we take, to the air we breathe, or to the negative emotions we are storing in our bodies.

While many people want to see visions, sometimes they do not appear. Iboga provides a unique experience to each person. It is always working on a deep level. Whatever needs to be addressed, Iboga will provide necessary healing. Visions are only a small part of the overall experience, so do not focus your intentions on trying to see visions. Many times, the most profound journeys are those that involve no visions, but contain insights and realizations into one’s behaviors, patterns, and beliefs. Even without visions, we can access an intuitive knowing of truth.

Once within the spirit world, a shamanically-trained provider will lead the seeker on a guided journey to meet their soul, and to receive answers to important life questions. This is an interactive guided experience led by the provider.

It is important to enter the spiritual journey with a list of questions, and have them ready before entering ceremony. Simple questions are best, such as, ‘How can I be true to myself,’ ‘How can I let go of the past,’ or ‘How can I heal my relationship with my parents.’

These questions will be asked aloud by the provider, one at a time. After repeating each question, the journeyer will sit in silence until the answer is awakened inside of them and becomes clear. This process continues until all life questions have been answered.

From this point, seekers may choose to speak with ancestors, immediate family, friends or any loved ones, both alive or departed. Following, guests will feel comfortable navigating the remainder of their Iboga experience. While a provider is always in the room, guests are able to move easefully through the rest of their journey.

Guests are also guided through a physical healing, accessing their stomach, heart, brain, spinal cord and other areas of the physical body that need attention.

Spiritual Retreats

Awaken Your Soul works alongside Iboga Wellness Center, a shamanic Iboga retreat located in Costa Rica.

Twice yearly, Awaken Your Soul helps to organize Bwiti Full Initiations in Gabon, Africa.

Private individual ceremonies and group sessions are also available in different locations, to accommodate the needs of those seeking this beautiful medicine. Contact us for more information about customized retreats.