Psycho-Spiritual Retreats

Psycho-Spiritual Retreats

Shaved bark from the second layer of the root of the tree. This is then ground up finely before ingesting.

At Awaken Your Soul we have a unique approach to working with the powerful Iboga medicine. While we follow aspects of the Bwiti tradition under which we have been shamanically trained- we also are deeply inspired by psychotherapeutic methods. In addition, we draw from our own dynamic life experiences to create a compassionate and healing container. We align with the works of Gabor Maté, Ekhart Tolle, Brene Brown, Bessel van Derkolk, Gary Zukov, Joe Dispenza, Alice Myler, and Dr. Nicole LePera to name a few.

During the week we focus on reconnection to the wounded inner child, accessing unmetabolized emotions, learning about the ego’s adaptations and coping strategies, and reconnecting with the soul. Becoming more aware of these aspects creates more love, compassion, acceptance, and connection with self and with others.

We work these in these concepts in a variety of ways including but not limited to one-on-one meetings, integration circles, yoga, meditation, sound healing, art therapy, massage/body work, and nutrient-rich organic foods. In partnership with Iboga the expansion and release experienced during the week is magical.

The medicine we use is the full Iboga Root (not ibogaine), both in its raw powdered form (called “Wood” or “Root Bark”) and in a mild extraction form called “TA” (which stands for Total Alkaloid). The TA is a gentle extraction comprised of the raw bark and white vinegar which concentrates the alkaloids. We use mostly the Wood and on occasion TA if needed.

Within the psycho-spiritual retreats, there are many ways that the medicine will work with each person, though all aiming for the same intention of clarity, release, and healing. It is quite common that one will experience a mental detox later evolving into a deeper emotional and spiritual experience.

Some aspect of physically “purging” stuck emotions, energies and physical toxins will also be present in each ceremony. There is no “map” in advance for how it will unfold, each person will have their own unique experience and each ceremony will be completely different.

Iboga is a direct arrow to truth. When it encounters negative patterns, emotional blocks or toxicity within the body, the medicine knows that a deeper spiritual experience must wait until the body and mind are ready. Its first mission becomes removing and detoxifying the mind and body.

During a mental detox, Iboga recognizes where the mind is not serving us in a healthy or productive way. The medicine will facilitate a mental purge; a deprogramming of our negative thought patterns, acting much like a “defragmentation of our hard drive”. The physical detox is the release of any toxins in the body—from the foods we eat, to the substances we take, to the air we breathe, or to the negative emotions we are storing in our bodies.

In addition, we all have repressed or suppressed emotions, residual from our childhood and carrying into our adult lives. One of the most healing tools that we have is to allow and bear witness to these unprocessed emotions. In doing this the density that we store within us begins to move. Experiencing and understanding our emotional world is a vital in our path to more peace, with or without Iboga.

Psycho-Spiritual Retreats

Opening the third eye with a medicinal paste from Gabon

While many people want to experience visions, this is not the main intention nor are the visions the indication that the medicine is working. Sometimes Iboga simply shifts the way we view our lives, removing the filters in the way of seeing our truth and giving clarity around our behaviors, patterns, and beliefs.  Some will experience mostly physical sensations during ceremony.

Whatever needs to be addressed, Iboga will provide necessary healing, and each person will receive what it is they need (though it may not look like what they expect). Read more about how to navigate with the Iboga medicine.

At some point during one of the ceremonies one of our highly trained providers will lead the seeker on a guided journey to meet their soul, and to receive answers to important life questions. This is an interactive guided psychotherapeutic experience and will typically include a “life review”, taking the person back into their childhood to gain insight as to how early experiences have impacted their adult lives. Though not mandatory for each person, a profound amount of clarity and healing can be accessed in this life review.

It begins with the opening of the third eye of initiation using Pygmy Paste from deep in the jungles of Gabon. It is important to create a list of simple questions and have them written in a journal before entering ceremony. We will discuss and refine these questions in our individual meetings upon arrival. Read more about navigating with the medicine.