Gabriel & Lauren Martinez


Gabriel and Lauren’s love for cooking is almost as deep as their love for each other. The two met at a popular Austin restaurant in 2010 and have been on a spectacular journey together ever since. They spent several years in New York before deciding to return home to Texas to start a family and a life outside the restaurant business.
After embarking on a path of transformation following their son’s birth, they adopted a plant forward, whole food diet and confronted many individual challenges and limiting thought patterns that plagued them. They were able to overcome these issues and sought to help others heal through the power of high energy food and positive thinking.
The Universe brought their family to Awaken Your Soul to help them continue on their own healing path, while also giving them to chance to practice their craft and nourish the guests on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. They truly aim to cook food for the soul using the wealth of beautiful organic produce from Costa Rica’s lush central valley.
Gabriel, a California native and avid runner, loves to explore in the wilderness and enjoy the unbelievable natural setting here. Lauren, a born Texan, has a great talent for painting, and also a passion for gardening. They live happily here with their amazing 2 year old son, Beni.

Charlie Gillig


Since a young age, Charlie has found great joy in food and cooking. He has found it to be a creative outlet for channeling both his positive and challenging energies. He has been involved on both sides of the food spectrum – working on vegetable and mushrooms farms and also working in restaurants and as a private chef.

Charlie grew up in South Florida, and throughout his schooling, he became interested in studying food systems from an anthropological lens, looking for ways to bring about equity and fairness in our food production and distribution systems.

After moving to Austin, Texas, he became increasingly interested in permaculture and organic gardening practices, and can be found with his hands in the garden just as often as with a knife and cutting board. He also studied nutrition and herbal medicine at The Wildflower School in Austin – focusing on herbs native to the central Texas region – in order to strengthen his palate of holistic healing modalities and to gain a greater understanding of food and herbs from a nutritional and energetic perspective. Charlie aims to cook and serve plant-forward meals which are highly nutritious and healing as an accompaniment to the plant medicine healing that takes place at the retreat.