Iboga Integration

Experiencing a powerful Iboga retreat begins to create huge shifts in our consciousness. However, the work to uncover the true self does not end when you leave the retreat environment.

In fact the reality is that this exciting and transformative work has only just begun. Integration begins when the ceremony ends and we begin to process what we have learned under the direct influence of the medicine. Read this article for a broader look at what to expect, and tips on how to ride the wave.

At Awaken Your Soul we place a significant amount of importance on the integration support and highly encourage guests not to skip this step!


Integration includes the following, as well as many other, elements:

  • Taking the lessons and teachings of Iboga and implementing them into everyday life
  • Nurturing our connection to our soul and to the medicine
  • Focusing on working through areas of our life that need love, attention and clarity
  • Learning to stay present in our everyday life; not spending time in pain of the past or worrying about the future
  • Staying connected to our truth, valuing our life, consistently reminding ourselves that life is a gift
  • Learning how to set intentions and manifest abundance in our life
  • Using the mind as a tool, not the master; beginning to change old thought patterns, programming, conditioning and belief systems that no longer serve us; working to break down our limiting beliefs
  • Creating a plan to make necessary life changes that bring peace, wellness, abundance and support our highest truth
  • Potentially changing relationships, careers, or relocating (once we hav given the experience time to settle)
  • Looking at our life from a different, more grateful and loving perspective
  • Beginning to forgive ourselves and learning to cultivate self-love

*Integration is recommend for EVERYONE. Without this post-ceremony support the teachings and the transformations are often not as deep nor lasting. It is also critical for those who are looking to heal from addiction and trauma. This journey will truly elevate with the appropriate support, a trained professional will help make the effort and investment deep and lasting.

Why is post-ceremony Iboga integration support important?

During a retreat, we are doing intensive healing work in as little as a week’s time. Some will say that this can be equivalent to 10+ years of psychotherapy. This rapid and profound shedding leaves us sensitive, vulnerable, and can be a lot to process all at once. With some objective guidance these lessons can truly be applied to our daily lives, and thus producing lasting results.

In the weeks and months to follow ceremony, we will at times experience our shadow side and our lightness as well. Integration is an essential part of accepting our lives and embracing everything about ourselves.

This takes time, and having unbiased and experienced support is invaluable and will help move through the layers in a smooth and supported way.

We recommend coaches whom we trust implicitly and who have helped us through our own Iboga integration or are trusted colleagues. If you are looking to reach out we strongly recommend that you have a conversation with them in advance to see if it is a good fit!

Nicole Rager- Transformational Breathwork

Nicole is known for her strong presence, deep compassion and empathy, and authenticity. She strongly believes that we can all create our own great life. Transformational Breath is a style of connected breathing that incorporates body mapping, hands-on acupressure-style touch, sound, affirmations, and movement to create a powerful and profound transformative experience.

The technique works on all levels – physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual – and serves to bring you back to a place of freedom, joy, and potential. In working with Nicole, you will learn to use your own breath to release stored emotions, imprints from old hurts, past traumas, fears, anxieties, grief and shame. You will experience a growing freedom and expansion in your life, often after just one breath session. Repeated practice and work with Nicole will open up your life in profound and lasting ways.

Read more about Breathwork and Nicole Rager.

Nicole Rager

Sherry Williams- Trauma Resolution Specialist

Stuck energy from trauma causes reaction from ages trauma was experienced rather than mature response. Sherry’s gift is tuning into the body and feeling the stuck ages, experiences. As she is working with the nervous system and cellular memory she invites your body’s innate intelligence to shift and transform old stuck trauma energy into empowered space for response rather than reaction.

By shifting, transforming and clearing the old energy, the body, mind and nervous system becomes more self-regulated, resilient and creates resources that allow calming abilities to support responses, creates hope and the ability to feel happy and feel in general.

Read more about Angel Hands Massage and contact Sherry.

Awaken Your Soul Sherry Williams

Troy Valencia- Inner Child & Soul Integration

Troy’s psychospiritual integration approach aims to assist you in becoming consciously aware of the mechanisms put in place by your inner child for its once needed survival purposes. He helps you shed light on the truth of your childhood and counteract the repression and denial tactics once set in place, allowing for the fulfillment of the void and missing needs you have been desperately searching for (Soul merger).

He holds a Shamanic-style container and offers all clients Mindful/Spiritual practice tools to support their integration and healing journey. Troy is currently studying for his PH.D. at the California Institute of Integral Studies (East-West Psychology) and Iboga Provider Apprentice at Awaken Your Soul.

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Troy Awaken Your Soul

Nanice Ellis- Conscious Creation Coach 

Nanice’s coaching programs are designed to help us wake up, to consciously create our life and to embrace our full potential. She has worked extensively with medicinal plants and has a deep awareness of the integration process needed to support the transformation.

Through a unique combination of spiritual principals, human dynamics, Neuro Linguistic Programming, various consciousness techniques, and an immense amount of of love and compassion, Nanice’s commitment is to help you make inner shifts and take inspired action, that result in real life changes.

Read more about Conscious Creation Coaching.

Awaken Your Soul Nanice Ellis

Obi- Integration & Addiction Transformation

Acting as a guide, Obi braids together his experience working within mental health, teaching movement, sitting with plant medicines, and living through his own experience with addiction, childhood sexual abuse, and medical trauma. Obi focuses on assisting clients develop a personal somatic practice of soul, ritual and integration.

Obi holds a MA in Counseling/Psychology with a specialization in addictions treatment. He is a certified drug and alcohol counselor, and has been working within mental health for the last 15 years. He began working as a wilderness & leadership guide for youth and his approach to psychedelic integration is very similar.

Read more about working with Obi!

Awaken Your Soul Obi

Anne Frank– Psychedelic Integration

Anne’s life mission is focused on supporting all of us to shine our brightest light in this world…to become the greatest version of ourselves, to serve humanity and align with who we envision ourselves to be in order to express our highest Divinity.  Anne combines her one on one sessions with some more structured exercises in between to help guide her clients into their deepest healing.

Her approach is centered on each individual’s mental, physical, emotional and spiritual alignment, or helping each to find their True Self underneath the masks, stories and suffering of life experience. Anne believes that integration of one’s suffering, traumas and challenges is the catalyst for healing. 

Learn more about Psycho-Spiritual & Psychedelic Integration Coaching

Awaken Your Soul Anne

Angie Arkin
Intuitive Healer & Plant Medicine Integration

Angie is an intuitive healer, using her intuition to tap directly into what is happening on a soul level with the person with whom she is working. She feels that those of us who suffer deeply are the ones who are most disconnected from their spirit; their source of intuition. Once we are disconnected from our spirit and no longer hearing our own intuitive answers.

Iboga helps reconnect us with our soul and Angie can greatly assist in continuing to strengthen that relationship and clear out patterns from our past. Angie has extensive practice working with medicinal plants and post ceremony integration and deeply understands where we can be after such a life-altering experience.

Read more about Intuitive healing and contact Angie.

Angie Arkin

Maia Neveu

Maia takes a holistic, soulful approach with clients. Her core intention is to empower you to find ‘full aliveness’ by teaching you to listen to the wisdom of your own heart and soul. She believes that with the right skills, tools, and support, we can all flourish freely, as we truly do have all of the answers we need within us. Maia is a meditation teacher and is currently completing postgraduate counseling training. She has experience with a range of plant medicines, is a facilitator at Awaken Your Soul – Iboga Retreats, and offers her integration, meditation, and soul-centered coaching services online and in person.

Read more about Maia.

Awaken Your Soul Maia Neveu

Being True To You– Transformational Recovery Coaching

Being True To You has several qualified coaches at an affordable cost to support you through psycho-spiritual transformation and/or trauma or addiction recovery. AYS has a specific core group of their coaches we recommend and founder Deanne Adamson will help fit each guest with their ideal coach.

After you leave the retreat you will continue your transformational experience through a coaching session with the intention that you will see the value in this support and continue at your own pace to ensure lasting results. Integrating your Iboga ceremonies, especially relating to trauma/addiction recovery require ongoing introspection. Committing to the post-retreat work is as vital to the healing process as the retreat itself.

Read more about Being True To You.

Being True to You