Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching


Humans are an incredible species. No two are the same.

Each of us is shaped by unique experiences, our cultures, the influence of role models, and exposure to different social constructs.

Commonly in substance abuse recovery, individuals find difficulty conforming to models of treatment that are black and white; ones which offer guidelines and belief systems that every person does not resonate with.

If a recovering individual does not feel personal, heart-centered resonance with their treatment plan, they frequently abandon it, and, with no support, enter relapse.

To honor the uniqueness of each person’s journey, the essence of recovery coaching itself is unique and customized to the client. Individuals are empowered to design their own pathways to recovery.

Recovery coaching is not meant to replace traditional methods of treatment. It serves to supplement an individuals’ existing treatment program to enhance long-term recovery —and so much more. A person’s life fulfillment and purpose involve more than sobriety.

At its core, recovery coaching is empowering. It does not impose limitations. It does not emphasize the addiction or its causes, traumas or past challenges. It does not keep the client in a victim role. Instead, it motivates the individual to kindle his or her own flames of passion by focusing on present opportunities, and movement toward an inspired, bright future.

Personal goals and visions are formulated, and coaches help illuminate the resources and opportunities available to move dreams to fruition. Dedicated to helping clients realize personal strengths, interests, and creative desires, coaches usher individuals to the awakening of their own truth.

The energy of recovery coaching pulses with human-to-human, spiritual connection. A coach facilitates a relationship devoted to active involvement in a recovering person’s life.

This strong, unwavering presence assists individuals in the prevention of relapse during a time when new behavioral and thought patterns are being formed.